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Russell Wright Landscape & Garden Designs ~ Projects Large or Small

Russell Wright Landscape & Garden Designs offer a comprehensive range of services to create the perfect outdoor space for your property. Whatever the size you can be assured that we will always give the level of attention to detail to your project you expect from a quality landscaping company. We agree a budget with our clients prior to commencing any work so you are always in control of the costs, any variation will be discussed and agreed before moving forward.

Small Gardens

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Making the most of the space in a small garden is often a challenge but with a bit of creativity you may be surprised by the results Russell Wright Landscape & Garden Designs can achieve.

Our experience of creating gardens means that we can still produce stunning designs even with limited space available. Do not think that you are restricted to just a lawn and a few borders, with careful planning of hard landscape elements combined with our knowledge of plants a small garden can still provide a lot of enjoyment.

With planning even the smallest garden can incorporate clearly defined areas, water features and paved sections etc. Careful selection of plants can add height and colour without intruding too much in to the garden.

For smaller garden projects, full project management may not be necessary. Russell Wright Landscape & Garden Designs can act in an advisory role and make site visits to review works. This can be a very helpful and reassuring way of steering a project to completion.

Medium Gardens

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The bigger the space the greater the scope available to create a more interesting garden. Russell Wright Landscape & Garden Designs will work closely with you from the start to understand what you are seeking, and use our extensive knowledge advise you on what will or will not work within the area.

If one of the main purposes of the garden is for entertaining Russell Wright Landscape & Garden Designs will ensure that there is plenty of space allocated for friends and family to socialise and enjoy themselves.

Russell Wright Landscape & Garden Designs source all plants from excellent and where possible local plant nurseries, and also set out the plants for planting. Any proposed materials to be used in the garden such as stone, bricks and timber as well as specimen trees and large plants will be shown for your approval wherever possible.

Large Gardens

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Larger plots lend themselves to being divided up into themed zones to add greater interest. These could include areas of lawn for recreational use, formal gardens for relaxation or perhaps a secret garden crying out to be explored as were popular in Victorian times.

Occasionally large gardens present interesting challenges; slopes, different levels or water courses to name just a few. Russell Wright Landscape & Garden Designs has the experience necessary to deal with any issues that arise.

It may be necessary to commission a land survey to gain accurate and reliable survey information quickly and efficiently. This can be especially useful for complex sites and older properties where such information often does not exist. Working with specialist surveyors Russell Wright Landscape & Garden Designs will be able to offer you the best possible advice to ensure the professional result you are looking for.

Whether a contemporary or traditional garden is desired Russell Wright Landscape & Garden Designs can produce it for you.

Planting & Maintenance

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Discussions on planting style, colour, your planting likes and dislikes will ensure that the new planting reflects your wishes before any detailed planting plans are produced.

It is important that any new planting has good structure or ‘bones’ – trees, hedging and important shrubs – to ensure the garden or particular area looks good throughout the year. Russell Wright Landscape & Garden Designs always ensure that the planting is rich with a long flowering season, and has visual and textural interest through the year. Good colour use and lots of scent are also important considerations.

We discuss with you what level of maintenance you will have time for, or if you will have this done for you. Plants and design will be selected to reflect this.

Aftercare for the finished garden is important. A suitable maintenance schedule can be devised, or Russell Wright Landscape & Garden Designs can help find reliable ongoing or seasonal maintenance for your garden to keep it looking its best.

Creative Design

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If you are seeking something a little unusual then Russell Wright Landscape & Garden Designs can help with creative designs to suit your tastes.

As an example we created this Cactus House for one of our clients. First of all we demolished and rebuilt the cobble wall so we could construct a glass atrium to house a scaled down corvette stingray which is set amongst large cacti. The stingray was hand crafted by a world renowned Ghanaian craftsman.

The cacti have been planted in desert soil which was specially formulated in Baileys laboratory in Norfolk, the atrium is climatically controlled and the cacti are doing very well indeed. In fact now two years on they are getting too close to the roof of the glasshouse! Not the easiest things to ‘prune’.

This project was perhaps a little quirky but is definitely a talking point and brings a lot of pleasure.

Wild Flower Meadows

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Russell Wright Landscape & Garden Designs have been sowing wild flower meadows for ten years now. Although their establishment is relatively easy the maintenance and year on year regeneration of a spectacular sward can be challenging.

A disciplined maintenance regime has to be followed. Vigorous scarifying and the introduction of Yellow Rattle (Rhianthus Minor) helps keep the sward open to allow dropping seeds to reach open ground for germination.

If a wild flower meadow is properly managed it is possible to go six years before it’s necessary to start again.

For a really dramatic effect sow annual wild flowers. All wild flower meadows, for the glorious weeks of high summer, are a joy to behold.

Bespoke Items

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Russell Wright Landscape & Garden Designs can provide bespoke items such as gates, fencing, benches can also be commissioned, or sourcing unique objects such as garden furniture, planters, firepits and lanterns.

Forget the mundane, standard items typically used, Russell Wright Landscape & Garden Designs want you to have something a bit more unique and in keeping with your style and taste. Let us help you bring your personality in to your garden with features that reflect your lifestyle and interests.

Russell Wright Landscape & Garden Designs
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